We’re anything but cookie cutter

This isn’t baking or business as usual. Whether you’re living low carb, baking brilliant breads, going gluten free, or simply dishing up delicious desserts, at Modern Mountain we provide the highest quality, non-GMO sourced baking products to pack your pantry with potential. When you shop with us, you support the environment with our 1% for the Planet pledge, reduce your carbon footprint with our Plastic Neutral certification, and help back budding bakesmiths with our Rise Up Baking Scholarship fund. It all comes down to nurturing people and the planet.

And to us? That takes the cake.

Girl being silly and holding up cookie cutter

The proof is in the pudding

...or the frosting, or the batter, or whichever confectionary creation makes you want to lick the spoon. Here are some of the ways you’re helping us Bake a Difference:

We pledge 1% of our annual sales to environmental causes

1% for the Planet Pledge

We’re in the business of helping the Earth (It’s the only planet we know of with chocolate!). So we donate 1% of our annual sales directly to environmental organizations with our same commitment to sustainability.

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Plastic Neutral Certified

We know the highest quality packaging requires its fair share of...well, plastic. So we offset all our plastic waste by removing that same amount from the environment that we contribute. A good deed like that deserves a cookie (or five)!

Learn more about our Plastic Neutral Certification

We offset our plastic footprint by removing plastic from the environment

Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging

We believe in doing our fair share when it comes to creating less waste. So, by incorporating recycled plastic (PCR) into our product pouches, we’re adding up to 40% fewer virgin polymers into the wastestream than conventional plastic packaging does. Because the only mess we want to make is one in the kitchen.

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Non-GMO Sourced

We like to let nature do its thing. That means no genetically modified ingredients go into any of the products we peddle. Just flour that’s been left untouched. We’re hands off! Unless it’s time to knead some dough.

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Rise Up Baking Scholarship applicant decorating a cake with logo overlay

Rise Up Baking Scholarship

We think everyone deserves a piece of the pie. Which is why we’re dedicated to funding the dreams of budding bakers with our annual scholarship for students pursuing degrees in Baking & Pastry Arts. We’re privileged to invest in the next generation and we can’t wait to see (and taste!) what they bake up.

Check out our scholarship

Fair Trade Certified

Have we mentioned we care about people and the planet? And sourcing Fair Trade Certified products whenever possible shows our commitment to both! Because supporting transparent supply chains and prioritizing fair wages for farmers shouldn’t just be the icing on the cake.

Learn more about Fair Trade cocoa

Fair trade farmer harvesting crop

We’re so happy you’re here

Life is sweeter together, so let’s get started! Preheat the oven! Grease those pans! Sneak a chocolate chip or two! Let’s get baking! We’ve got a feeling this is going to be a cakewalk.

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