Modern Mountain Flour Company - February 8, 2024

What is Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging?

The Only Mess We Want to Make is One in the Kitchen!

Hands placing plastic bottles into a recycling bin

AAt Modern Mountain, we’re just as committed to deliciousness as we are to nourishing people and the planet. And as a part of this commitment, we’re excited to announce our transition to post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging, a significant step towards a more sustainable future—one that’s chock full of chocolate chip cookies.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term PCR, it refers to packaging materials manufactured using recycled sources like plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and paper bags that have already completed their initial lifecycle. These materials are transformed into reusable resins and incorporated into our packaging, which gives them a second life and reduces our reliance on virgin resources.

Using PCRs in our packaging has many positive environmental benefits. By minimizing our use of new plastics, we generate less waste, conserve resources, lessen our dependency on the fossil fuel industry, and divert refuse from overcrowded landfills, oceans, and other places where it doesn’t belong. The goal is cleaner air, clearer waterways, and thriving ecosystems; basically, nature working as it should. Which means less energy needed for cleanup and more time to focus on the good stuff!

We understand that sustainability is an ongoing journey, not a destination. Which is why we’ve set a goal: by the end of 2025, all of our pouch packaging will be PCR-based, comprising up to 40% recycled content. This commitment reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility and aligns with our core values of quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

That’s why choosing Modern Mountain products isn’t just about busting out the best darn baked goods on Earth; it’s about making a conscious choice for the planet. Every bite supports our mission to leave things better than we found them, one sustainable packaging innovation at a time.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our PCR packaging initiative. We’re proud to share our journey and encourage others to join us in baking a difference. Together, let’s meet the moment and make sustainability just as sweet as the confections we craft.