Modern Mountain Flour Company - February 8, 2024

Our 1% for the Planet Pledge

Help Us Protect the Planet (It’s the Only One with Chocolate!)

Woman hiking with a backpack

At Modern Mountain Baking, we believe in making products that nourish the body and soul while making the planet our top priority. We pour our passion into every confection that pops out of our ovens, but the secret ingredient that makes our business that much sweeter: our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

This global movement unites businesses like ours, committed to dedicating 1% of annual sales to environmental causes. Think of it as our way of passing along the warm fuzzies we get from the lovin’ in our ovens, supporting crucial efforts to protect forests, clean waterways, and empower communities around the world.

With this initiative, we’ve chosen to use our donation to support 1% for the Planet’s Planet Impact Fund. This powerful initiative tackles a multitude of environmental challenges, from climate change to biodiversity loss, with a focus on collaboration and impact. It's like a dream team of environmental champions, and we’re honored to be their flour-dusted fighters!

And though every crumb counts, this partnership isn’t just about numbers or statistics. It’s about living our values to make (and bake!) a positive impact. Much like a perfectly crafted sourdough loaf, we’re rising to the occasion to protect the planet we all call home. Every batch, every serving, every slice, every spoonful reminds us how sweet sustainability can be.

So, the next time you break out a Modern Mountain mix or pop open one of our pouches, remember that you’re not just baking–you’re becoming part of a movement. You’re joining us in creating a better future, one bite at a time. Together we’re baking a difference and our 1% for the Planet pledge is just the icing on the cake.

Ready to learn more? Dive into the stories and initiatives of 1% for the Planet and the Planet Impact Fund. Every voice, every action, every crumb counts.

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