Modern Mountain Flour Company - October 1, 2021

Top 6 Lupin Flour Recipes for Keto/Low-Carb Dieters


A almond lupin flour croissant in front of a pouch of Modern Mountain lupin flour

As one of the lowest-carb flours available on the market, Modern Mountain lupin flour serves as a staple in our keto pantry. If you're not yet familiar with lupin flour, head on over to our "What is Lupin Flour?" blog post to learn a bit more about flour milled from this mean bean.

This is our list of our best lupin flour recipes, both from Modern Mountain recipe developers and some of our other favorite keto bloggers online. Be sure to bookmark this post and keep checking back, we update it as we find new recipes!

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Low-carb pizza on a pan

Low-Carb Pizza Crust

Tired of your keto pizza attempts resulting in dense, floppy pizza crusts that don't rise? This yeast dough recipe is a low-carb pizza crust option that uses vital wheat gluten and lupin flour to achieve a crust with tasty texture and real rise.

Keto sandwich bread made with Modern Mountain Lupin Flour and Bamboo Fiber

Low-Carb Sandwich Bread

It's a low-carb loaf to write home about! Enjoy sandwiches and toast while easily staying under your net carb count with this golden sandwich bread loaf. It's offers a nice crust, and a fluffy inside with nice chew. Slice it thin for a sandwich, or saw it thick for a nice, hearty French toast.

Lupin Flour Blueberry Muffins

Lupin Flour Blueberry Muffins

Lupin flour lends these low-carb blueberry muffins an incredible texture. With only 3.5 of net carbs per muffin, adding this keto-friendly treat to your to-do list is a no-brainer.

Lupin Flour Banana Bread

Lupin Flour Banana Bread

Filled with gooey chocolate chips, lather up a slice of our low-carb banana bread with some butter for a decadent and delicious breakfast treat.

60 Second Lupin Flour Bread

60 Second Lupin Flour Bread

Introducing the easiest low-carb sandwich bread you've ever made! Just 60 seconds in your microwave and you'll have two slices of keto-friendly bread with just 6g of net carbs and over 30g of protein.

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