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Top 9 Potato Flour Recipes


A pouch of Modern Mountain Potato Flour next to dough balls

A super finely-ground flour milled from whole, all-natural, peeled potatoes, Modern Mountain Potato Flour is a baker's best-kept secret. Due to its amazing ability to retain moisture, potato flour helps to achieve a moist texture and crumb, extend shelf life, and increase dough handleability. It's also naturally gluten free, allowing gluten-free bakers to tackle that troubles of gluten-free bread texture like never before. Unfamiliar with potato flour? Head on over to our "What is Potato Flour?" blog post to learn some more about this fun and fresh fiber option!

This is our list of our best potato flour recipes from across the web. Be sure to bookmark this post and keep checking back, since we update it as we find new recipes!

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Mango cinnamon rolls on a cooling rack

Mango Cinnamon Rolls

These mango sweet rolls from Cooks Hideout look like such a fun and unique treat for your next tea time or brunch. Made with a whole wheat pastry flour alongside potato flour, they offer a hearty flavor and beautiful wheaty color. Mango not your thing? Not to fret; you can easily sub with your favorite preserves!

A stacked lobster BLT on a potato flour roll

Potato Rolls

Rolls like these ones are some of our favorite ways to showcase the perks of potato flour in our kitchens. Food & Wine says these rolls are pillow and plush and recommend them for anything from lobster BLTs to hamburgers. We sure do like the way they roll!

A pile of golden brown potato flour brioche burger buns

Potato Brioche Burger Buns

Don't be intimiated by how darn great these potato flour brioche burger buns look. Soft on the inside with an easy toasted crunch on the outside, this simple recipe from Callie at Bingeworthy Bites brings buns with a bang. They're sure to be sure the star of your next  summer grill out. Suns out, buns out, right?! 

Three potato flour pancakes next to a fruit sapce

Pancakes with Maize, Rice, and Potato Flour

Traditional pancakes pack such a light and fluffy texture that they can be a hard one to get right while also gluten free. Offering what they call a "delicate taste and texture" due to their of potato flour, these thin, crepe-like pancakes from Castello are a great gluten-free option for your next brunch.

Pile of gluten-free biscuits made with potato flour

Gluten-Free Potato Flour Biscuits

In just 20 minutes, bake up some light and fluffy gluten-free biscuits with this potato flour biscuit recipe from The Spruce Eats. Note that that some bakers have recommended using baking powder instead of baking soda for a fluffier feel. Sounds like a good call to us!

A cross-section view of a sandwich bread loaf made with potato flour

Everyday Potato Flour Bread

Take a look at this luscious loaf from Food52. Called their Everyday Potato Bread, this loaf leans on potato flakes or potato flour to achieve it's light and airy texture and tender crust. It's a great go-to loaf for a hearty sandwich or an avocado toast. 

A cross-section of a Swedish Sandcake made with potato flour

Swedish Sandkaka

Here's a new one for you: Swedish Sandkaka, or sandcake. Relying on potato flour as its main dry ingredient, Sandkaka offers a melt-in-your-mouth, buttery flavor that is similar to a rich pound cake. It's surely an excellent example of what potato flour can do. Better yet, it benefits from a splash of your best brandy or booze. Need we say more?

Cinnamon bun loaf in a red pan sprinkled with nuts

Cinnamon Bun Loaf

Cinnamon rolls meet sticky buns in this creative concoction from Red Star Yeast. If you're looking to take your baking to a new fun level with some twists and turns in your dough, this is an elegant option that is sure to have your lucky breakfast guests wake up with a wow.

A plate of fresh gluten-free rolls made with potato flour

Gluten-Free Hawaiian Rolls

With their uniquely sweet buttery outside and their unbelievably fluffy insides, who doesn't love a good King's Hawaiian Roll? Lucky for you gluten-free bakers out there, Wheat by the Wayside has come up with this gluten-free rendition of those rolls. As she puts it, "it is possible to get a soft, squishy roll with the same taste as those famous rolls you used to love".

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