Modern Mountain Flour Company - November 1, 2023

Top Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder Recipes

Treat yourself to culinary-grade cocoa sure to elevate confections from the very first batch to the not-so-bitter end

Decorating a chocolate cake made with Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder

If other lesser cocoa powders have left a bitter taste in your mouth (as they often tend to), allow our Dutch Process Cocoa Powder to give it a go. Our richly flavored cocoa is known to smooth any already decadent dessert into something truly luxurious because it’s undergone alkalization while retaining high-fat content (>22-24%) and doesn’t skimp on flavor.

This cocoa powder is the product for the master pâtissier, or just the home baker looking to add a little luxury to the everyday. And if it sounds like something that could enrich your recipes, you just might want to check out some of our favorites, which we’ve conveniently listed for you here. Oh, fudge yes.


Chocolate Waffles

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Waffles topped with something sweet are special, but the deep, rich notes from unsweetened cocoa and sweetness from dark brown sugar in this dessert cosplaying as breakfast may please chocolate lovers even more.


Chocolate Marble Zucchini Bread

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This twist on zucchini bread combines the best of both worlds: cinnamon and spice with decadent triple chocolate. Don’t worry about squeezing excess liquid from the zucchini


Dutch Cocoa Cookies

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Dutch Cocoa Cookies are rich and chewy, with a crunchy sugar coating. These chocolate cookies are reminiscent of Archway's Dutch Cocoa Cookies. I began a search for this cookie recipe a few years ago when I was reminded of Archway’s Dutch Cocoa Cookies.


Chocolate Truffles

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How to make rich, decadent, chocolate truffles at home in your own kitchen! This recipe for gourmet chocolates is easier than you might have imagined. Start with a premium variety of chocolate and add just a few simple ingredients for the best homemade truffles!


Chocolate Pound Cake

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This Chocolate Pound Cake is rich and buttery with a mild chocolate flavor. It has a fine crumb and a dense texture. While this cake doesn't really need a frosting, I couldn't resist pouring a shiny chocolate glaze over the top.


Rich Chocolate Cookies

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This recipe for the chocolate cookies was sent to The New York Times several years ago by Mari Pfeiffer, a reader in California; it’s from the cookbook “Great Cookies,” published in 2003 by the author and teacher Carole Walter.


The Best Devil’s Food Cake Recipe

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My Devil’s Food Cake recipe is rich, fudgy, and dangerously chocolatey! It’s also simple to make and essentially foolproof! Today I’m walking you through all the steps, be sure to check out the how-to video in the recipe card!

Mocha brownie pizza made with Modern Mountain Black Cocoa Powder

Mocha Brownie Pizza

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Made with black cocoa powder, this Mocha Brownie Pizza has a fudgy brownie crust and is topped with espresso buttercream, a chocolate drizzle and chunks of chopped chocolate. This delicious dessert pizza is one you will definitely want to try. Enjoy it after dinner with a hot cup of coffee or tall glass of cold milk!


Dutch-Processed Cocoa Fudge Brownies

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Mmmm. The smell of freshly baking chocolate brownies brings children, young and old, to the kitchen without fail. Who can resist those fudgey squares of dense chocolate love, those cubes of cakey goodness that harken to a simpler time in our lives.


Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

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Hiya!! Don’t be mad! Just one more goodie before I close up shop here for the week and it’s a true seasonal classic—these super easy and delicious Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. Crossing my fingers that I can entice you to attempt just one more baking project before the holiday is here!!


Chocolate Layer Cake

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The texture of this oil-based chocolate cake strikes an ideal balance between dense and fudgy and light and fluffy. It’s ultratender thanks to cake flour. The frosting, a variation on German buttercream, uses a chocolate pudding base whipped with butter to create a complement to the cake that’s both rich and airy.


Dutch Cocoa Brownies with Walnuts

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Having confessed that, I could not wait for the Guittard Chocolate Cookbook to come out! I needed some inspiration. Beyond chocolate chip cookies, . . . beyond brownies, . . . beyond chocolate cakes. But wait a minute … I’m okay being inspired already WITHIN the realm of chocolate chip cookies, brownies and chocolate cakes.


Best Chocolate Cake

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Three layers of moist and rich Chocolate Cake, frosted with a delicious triple-chocolate buttercream icing. Decorate the outside of the cake or keep it simple with chocolate shavings around the base. This cake pairs perfectly with a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or a tall glass of milk. Utterly sublime.


Devil’s Food Cake

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If you’re a fan of chocolate, then you will love this sinfully delicious Devil’s Food Cake. It is a decadent cake that is rich, moist, and fudgy. Bursting with intense chocolate flavor and covered in chocolate buttercream frosting, this cake is worthy of any occasion.


Cheyenne's Fudgy Dutch Cocoa Brownies & Fudge Icing

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This is a recipe that my 13 year old daughter came up with after trying different recipes over the past month...We all deemed it a "Keeper" in our house and will keep making brownies this way from now on! So simple, and I didn't even have to go to the store to buy any more ingredients!